Sunday, 11 August 2013

Khordha Response to Theme- Coordination between DAPCUs

Is there a need for DAPCUs to work in coordination with each other? If so share how are DAPCUs in your state are doing this.

Yes there is requirement of Coordination in between DAPCUs to share experience and strategies in between them. It is known that since establishment of DAPCUs in the Districts many changes has been occurred and various activities has been initiated it is due to various exposures, sharing and discussions among each other during the district and state review meetings. Sharing of best practices of DAPCUs by NACO and DNRT also contributing to learn from each other. In conclusion there is need and requirement of DAPCUs to work in coordination.

 What are the issues on which DAPCUs support each other and how is this coordination achieved?

Followings are some of the important issues where DAPCU can support each other.

Availing Social benefit schemes: In this context DAPCU required coordination to know about various social benefit schemes of Government and non government agencies availed by other DAPCUs .Through sharing of the process other DAPCUs can adopt the strategy and can avail the same scheme. In this aspect the implemented DAPCU can also share documents like sanction letters, necessary orders of Government for example Order to include PLHIVs in BPL category, Nutrition / ration for CLHIVs from ICDS and sanction of household land for PLHA etc.

District specific programmes/campaigning : DAPCU needs coordination to know about the process and strategy adopted for designing and implementation of District specific programme like DAPCU Bolangir of ODISA has implemented Migrant programme so that can be implemented in other DAPCU districts through coordination and sharing.  

Component wise achievements: Through DAPCU coordination component wise achievements can be shared for example DAPCU Khordha of Odisha shared with DAPCU Angul and DAPCU Bhadrak regarding improvement of Cross referrals from RNTCP to ICTC which has been increased more than 90% so the strategies has been shared in the DAPCU coordination which was held at Angul (with 3 DAPCUs) and like vice versa DAPCU Angul and DAPCU Bhadrak has shared their remarkable achievements which DAPCU Khordha learned. DAPCU Khordha replicating some of the major activities carried by those DAPCU learned from them.

Issues redress by the DAPCU: Through coordination some of the issues like enhance client load to DSRC , enhance in and out referrals regular checkups of HRGs to DSRC and ICTC etc The strategies can be replicated as it is adopted by DAPCUs

Tracking of LFU and MIS cases: DAPCU required coordination for tracking of MIS and LFU cases in two ways one is to track those cases that are falling in the jurisdiction of the neighboring DAPCU District and second the procedure / strategy adopted by the same or other DAPCUs can be replicated through Coordination. However for instant  the strategy adopted by DAPCU Khordha to ensure 100% ART linkages has been shared with DAPCU Bhadrak and DAPCU Angul ( in DAPCU Khordha the A RT linkage was less than 85% which has been increased 95 to 100% since last 6 months.

Sharing of IEC material of different language: IEC materials of different language can be shared through DAPCU Coordination. For instant DAPCU Koraput has received IEC materials in Telugu language from DAPCU Vizianagaram, AP. Not only Telugu language but IEC from other languages can be generated through DAPCU coordination and in this aspect DAPCU coordination required. 

What role do the SACS play in enhancing this co-ordination?
  • Followings are some of the aspects where SACS need to play role
  • Facilitate relation between DAPCUs sharing of best practices of DAPCUs
  • Initiate inter DAPCU coordination like two to three DAPCU can visit one nearest DAPCU ( which has already started through OSACS and  DNRT)
  • Organizing meetings in regular intervals.
  • Hand holding support to DAPCUs and facilitate to identify issues and strategy planning.

Share a few examples in which you have taken the support of other DAPCUs and how it has helped you. 

During last month Odisha SACS and NDRT has arranged DAPCU coordination meeting at ANGUL DAPCU where DAPCU Khordha and DAPCU Bhadrak have participated. This visit pioneered the scope to work in different areas. We came to know many things from DAPCU wise presentations.

During the visit to DAPCU Angul, we came to know that both the DAPCUs have generated resources from different corporate and companies. The strategies and process has been shared in the meeting and DAPCU Khordha after the visit has initiated to tap resources from o ne of the corporate which is at Khordha. The event is under process. Justification of presenting the event is that this action has been implemented after DAPCU Coordination.  

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