Tuesday, 6 August 2013

DAPCU LATUR response for Co-ordination among DAPCU's

DAPCU Coordination:
The DAPCUs in Maharashtra state are coordinating with each other in a very well manner to achieve NACP goal. DAPCU Latur majorly coordinating with the other DAPCUs in kits transportation, stock-out conditions of kits and consumables, sharing best practices, conducting seminars and trainings to the regional district, tracking MIS/LFU etc.
How DAPCU Latur coordinate with other DAPCU’s.
     In kit shortage at July 13 DAPCU Latur provided kits to the Solapur and Nanded district. We had near expiry vaccute tubes, needles and consumables so we coordinated with the other district through mail and relocate these consumables to the other districts. 
     In crisis we took the help of other district expertise. To solve the stigma & discrimination issue we took the expertise suggestion of other senior DAPCU. To provide social benefit schemes and other judicial rights to the PLHIV DAPCU Latur always coordinated with the neighboring district. At the time of DAPCC meeting we coordinate with the other district and implement the best practices of other district in front of Hon. DC.
SACS role in DAPCU Coordination.
     Visits of Nodal officer from SACS are also providing the expertise to our activities. Nodal officer share the successful strategies of other DAPCUs, which directly gives the value addition to our program. Nodal Officer elaborates the campaigns/activities/plans in front of Hon. District authorities.

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