Thursday, 29 August 2013

LATUR DAPCU Response to the Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Services to the HIV Positive Migrants

In Latur district generally the positive migrant clients are from Osmanabad, Nanded & other nearest district and also from Karnataka state (10%). Within the District migrant positive clients are linked to ART Center nearer to Osmanabad & nearest district at Govt. Medical College & Hospital, Latur for Pre-ART registration, CD4 count.  If CD4 count is less than 350 then efforts are made for registering the positive clients in ART Center.

Whenever any client found positive from other district (Nanded), counselor provides option to Client for taking ART treatment according to Client choice. If client is willing to continue the treatment from his own district then Client is transfer out to that particular district ART Center for further treatment, if CD4 count is less than 350 we put him on ART. Counselors note down the permanent, current address & Mobile number of respective client for further follow up.

Due to stigma issue some client take the ART services from neighboring district, after some period/month clients reflect LFU in the parent ART. In such situation client not communicate to the ART center. From last six month neighboring ART centers shares the pre ART line list to Latur ART Center to avoid the LFU.
The MIS/LFU line-list share with the NGO’s for tracking the LFU/MIS patient and revert back them to ART. DAPCU plays a major role for taking the follow-up of such activites.

For the prevention DAPCU arrange the health camp at Village level with the coordination of NRHM. STI camps for HRG migrant, Follow up test for HRG & Discordant couple counseling etc. DAPCU track the migrant ANC delivery as per EDD & also confirm the EID Follow up by tracking PPTCT calendar.
DAPCU & ART Center conduct the weekly/fortnightly meeting with all NGO for LFU & Linkages.

Ex- In the month of Jun 13 we had one positive patient from Panjab Battalion, who is transferred out to the punjab after all necessary documents and linkage confirmed by  ARTC Latur in coordination with DAPCU at Punjab.

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