Tuesday, 6 August 2013

DAPCU Yavatmal Response to the Theme Co-ordination among DAPCU's

Yavatmal District is supposed to be the high prevalence district in the Maharashtra state. In Yavatmal the factors contributing in the enhancement of HRG are as follows:
i) A huge migration from coordinating district/state.
ii) FSW trafficking from coordinating district.
iii) Majority of tribal population living with ill traditions.
iv) Hidden brothel in the district.
Without coordination of other District (Amravati, Akola, Hingoli, Chandrapur, Nanded), we can’t trace out the HRG. We have a very strong coordination with the neighboring DAPCUs. FSWs, Migrants and Tribal population we cover with the help of neighboring DAPCUs. 
 DAPCU's Contribution to the  program.
I. For kit storage and kit transportation we take the help of Akola DAPCU.
II. For LFU/MIS tracing DAPCU Yavatmal takes the help of all coordinating District.
III. For arranging workshop and training we take the help of Amravati and Nagpur DAPCU.
In any difficult situation or any obstacles we (DAPCU) coordinate with each other and sort out the problem. Many a times we coordinate with the other state also e.g.
A migrant from Punjab was working in the Yavatmal at garment factory. The person get identified HIV positive in the health camp and moreover his condition was very worst. We admitted him in the district hospital and when he was in a good condition we transferred out him to Bhatinda (home town) and coordinated with the Punjab SACS for further treatment.
Our (DAPCUs) coordination gives us strength to provide the best services to the PLHIV.

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