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A joined initiative had been initiated by DAPCU and WNP+(Wokha Network of Positive People) for financial Support from the church. The initiative started in the month of February 2019. The aim to motivate church for financial support was started due to non-availability of Sponsoring project like VIHAAN Helpdesk of NNP+ Kohima under Alliance India HIV/AIDS since December 2017 which resulted in nonpayment of house rent and to support the staff.

There was a set of meeting with the church Mission & evangelism committee of Wokha Town Baptist Church in order to be materialized. The following are proposed to the Church Committee

Sl No
House Rent
Rs. 3000/pm
12 months
2 Outreach Workers
Rs. 7000*2
12 months
Office maintenance
12 months

After much deliberation, the financial support was granted in the month of April 2019 with some deduction/omit. In the meeting, it was also decided that the fund will be drawn on a monthly basis from the accountant office of the church. 

        Details below:
Sl No
House  Rent
January 2019-December 2019.Backdated
12 months
Honorarium for outreach worker
1 person
12 months
Rs. 7000*12

Rs. 1,20,000
(One lakh twenty thousand)

Thursday, 12 September 2019




 Empower was initiated in the year 2013 by DAPCU Peren which aims to provide quality education to the children infected and affected by HIV in the Peren district. So that one day these children will able to bring qualitative changes in their family as well as the PLHIV community and society as a whole. It was observed that most of the PLHIV in the Peren district are from poor Economic background and hardly manage with their daily needs, the Expenditure on their daily needs medical expenses and education comes to a perplex and many a time the education expenses become the least importance, This will adversely affect the future of their family. Keeping those things in mind Empower committee sponsored their educational expenses.

Empower is a district-specific initiative and it is not a fund/support received from any Govt. sector. It is purely a contribution of the individuals who have contributed to the future of Children living with HIV and their families. In order to monitor and ensure proper the utilisation of fund and the activities, a Committee was formed with the approval of Deputy Commissioner Peren (2013)

The committee members consist of.
  1. ADC Peren – Chairman
 2. Dy. CMO /DACO- Member Secretary 
 3. DPM (NRHM)- Member
 4. President DLN- Member
 5. Vice President DLN-Member
 6. Dapcu Staff –Member.
With the support of the officers and the individual the “empower” becomes a very successful activity in building the future of the CLHIV.  Under this initiative 23  CLHIV have received the benefit since 2013. The first beneficiaries are pursuing 11 standards and some will be appearing HSLC exam this year. This report would be incomplete if we fail to acknowledge the donors who selflessly contributed to the cause since 2013 and make this initiative a fruitful one.
Empower 2018-2019

The Empower committee decided:

To link the CLHIV to different schemes in Govt. sector particularly (schemes on education).

Fund drive activities to continue in the district and support the educational of CLHIV whenever required.

Preference to be given to the students who are studying in Govt. school to encourage the children to study in Govt. school.

Activities conducted.
 6 children were supported with the amount received from the donors.
 2 were linked to Pre Matric scholarship
 1 linked to a free basic computer course supported by Nehru Yuva Kendra.

Action Plan( 2019-2020)

The committee to link all the CLHIV eligible for Pre Matrict scholarship and to link in the 2019-2020 session.

Booklet for Fund drive distributed and to disburse the collected amount on need basis of the CHILV for 2019-2020 in August 2019.
The committee decided to support any CLHIV who are excel in studies and wish to pursue their higher education.

                                                       ‘Poor PLHIV travel cost’

Peren is a district where 80% of the population lived in rural areas, and many villages are hard to reach areas. HIV doesn’t discriminate any Population even to the rural area, many clients were detected positive from a rural area in the district. These populations fully depended on agriculture for their livelihood and from a poor economic background, where their treatment become a Secondary and many clients doesn’t have money for their treatment even though they were tested positive and need to avail the facilities. 

In order to achieve the 90/90/90 goal and encourage HIV positive clients to access ART and Continue their treatment and to make sure that all the positive clients are initiated on ART, DAPCU Peren initiated “Travel Cost for Poor PLHIV” in 2016

Activities carried out under this initiative:
 i). The activity for fundraising was started in August 2016. Dapcu Peren in Coordination with the HIV facilities in the district organized a Fate day in which the total amount of 60,000 was earned, the same amount was invested in a Calendar project in 2017 and in which 96,600 the total amount of earned for the Activity

The initiative was reviewed in all the HIV facilities coordination meetings.

ii). An amount was fixed base on the area to the nearest ART/FIARTC.

 iii). The counselor and the field staff to recommend the clients based on the Counseling of the clients and Dapcu to take the final decision to allot the travel cost.

iv). The preference will be given to the newly detected clients and lost to follow clients  to make sure  that 90/90/90 goal is achieve and as to part of 0 LFU campaign in the district. The benefit will be given in cash and the counselor/field staff to counter Sign the slip.

V). An audit committee was formed with the Program Manager TFA, Counselor ICTC Ahthibung and Data Manager OST Jalukie as members.

As part of this initiative 5 PLHIV request for the travel and recommended by the counselor and Program Manager and 5 PLHIV received the Benefit in the 2018-19. 23 PLHIV received this support in the till date.

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Implementation of Mobile ICTC & Strategy development to organize the campaign among General Population by DAPCU,North Tripura


HIV/AIDS screening is very much mandatory throughout all Vulnerable, ANC’s & equally important among the general population considering the elimination of HIV/AIDS. So, thinking the perspective & with the objective of mass screening, DAPCU, North Tripura has taken the initiative of mass screening in different Brickfield workers in the various brickfield, Tea Garden Labourers in various Tea Gardens, slum areas, Jails, village markets, Gaon Panchayats, Motor Vehicle Syndicate points, Indian Oil Depot,   communities where people can’t access the health facility due to distance  &  targeted population are not covered through Targeted Intervention projects etc.  Here, concept & implementation of Mobile ICTC is the prime aspect to get it done.
The sub-populations that are more vulnerable or practice high-risk behavior or have higher HIV prevalence levels are the target group for counseling and testing services in the country. In last year’s, clients accessed counseling and testing services in the ICTC throughout the country.
HIV counseling and testing service is a key entry point to the prevention of HIV infection and to treatment and care for people who are infected with HIV. When availing counseling and testing services, people can access accurate information about HIV prevention and care and undergo an HIV test in a supportive and confidential environment. People who are found HIV negative are supported with information and counseling to reduce risks and remain HIV negative. People who are found HIV positive are provided psycho-social support and linked to treatment and care.

So, in those identified places, DAPCU has made the effort to intervene as these populations are also equally important to get screened for HIV/AIDS. They always don’t avail the facility of ICTC’s & F-ICTC’s & they don’t have consciousness on HIV/AIDS too.  DPM & DIS, DAPCU has visited in Labour Welfare Department & Met with District Labour officer regarding the significance of HIV/AIDS screening & lesson of consciousness on HIV/AIDS of Brickfield, Tea Garden laborers. In this way, DAPCU has communicated & made liaisoning with various Gaon Panchayats, Market committee, community & tried to convince them to gather mass population for organizing M-ICTC Campaign. Sometimes we got helped from Panchayat Raj Training Institute & local PRI bodies, respective PHC. Thus, the mass population has been screened who sometimes can’t access the facility of General Health System & don’t visit ICTC. So, those untouched populations have been screened for HIV/AIDS.
Thus, Mobile ICTC has been organized for mass screening. In these M-ICTC campaigns, with the screening of HIV/AIDS, the general population has been aware of HIV/AIDS & received various necessary information on health.

DAPCU North Tripura conducted the campaign as following dates in last 2018-19 FY & April,19  to August 2019:-
Ø  In last 2018-19 FY, total of 1805 clients have been screened. 6 clients got re-active & confirmed as HIV Positive. These campaigns  were  organized at Manuvalley Tea Estate, Shova Bagan, Jagannathpur Tea Estate (Unakoti Dist), Damcherra Bazar, Jalabassa Bazar, Brajendranagar, Sanicherra (North Tripura), etc.
Ø  Since April 2019 to September 2019 total of 496 clients have been screened through M-ICTC & No positive detected. These campaigns were held at Dharmanagr Brickfield, Chinibagan Brickfield,  Ganganagar Tea Garden, Huplongcherra Tea Garden in North Tripura. In M-ICTC maintained a complete methodology of HCTS.
Ø  This is most well observed that after conducting & sensitization through M-ICTC , health consciousness behavior & approach have been developed  among people  & with  self motive attend ICTC’s & F-ICTC’s at different health institutions.
Ø  DAPCU has collaborated with existing health facility & NHM to leverage & reach the service to hard to reach areas. Mobilized General population, pregnant women & other vulnerable population through networking with the local community members, field-level Government health institutions, Self-help Groups & NGO’s etc.
Thus, this has been observed that, in several places, through several means, M-ICTC have been organized & General population have been covered.

Here, this is very much necessary to mention the whole procedure has been achieved through the integrated effort of DAPCU. In each sphere, DAPCU staff have managed. Such as DPM & DIS communicated to organize & on the spot facilitated to do. M&E reported & helped to maintain records. Dist. The accountant helped to organize the said programs. Here, a team of M-ICTC Van was involved & AD-ICTC leads to make successful the campaign. .Here, TI, N-TI, ICTC’s also helped a lot. Obviously, local authority & various Govt. Departments helped to organize & conduct the campaign.


                                           Fig1: MICTC at Churaibari Brickfield

                                             Fig2: M&E, DAPCU in M-ICTC at Ranirbari Tea Estate

                                         Fig3: DIS, DAPCU at M-ICTC campaign at Indian Oil Depot,                                                                         Dharmanagar, North Tripura with Transport workers

Fig4: DPM, DAPCU at M-ICTC Campaign at Indian Oil Depot, Dharmanagar, North Tripura & message to workers.
Fig5: AD-ICTC, TSACS in M-ICTC campaign at Indian Oil Depot, Dharmanagar, North Tripura & message to  Transport drivers

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Note on HIV Screening in Jail (North Tripura,DAPCU)


Initiatives  on HIV Screening, counseling of Jail Inmates  & Other Prisoners by DAPCU, North Tripura
This is very much urgency of the hour to screen HIV/AIDS among Jail inmates, Juveniles in correctional homes & other prisoners, who have been involved in criminal activity & as a consequence going through confinement. They are also vulnerable & require counseling & a lesson of consciousness among them regarding HIV/AIDS, STD & other related diseases. Prisoners are at special risk for infection with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) because of overcrowded prisons, unprotected sex, and sexual assault, the occurrence of sexual practices that are risky to health, unsafe injecting practices, and inadequate HIV prevention, care, and support services.
Globally, many studies on human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency disease syndrome (HIV/AIDS) have been undertaken by various government and non-governmental organizations among the general public. There are certain high-risk groups in well-defined but restricted settings who are usually left out from the interventions they deserve especially in developing countries. Inmates of prisons are an example of this left out of the population. Prisoners worldwide have a significantly higher prevalence of HIV than in the community. Prisoners are at special risk for HIV infection because of overcrowded prisons, unprotected sex and sexual assault, the occurrence of sexual practices that are risky to health, unsafe injecting practices, and inadequate HIV prevention, care, and support services.

Considering & observing the above situation, DAPCU, North Tripura has already started the programs & planned to conduct & organize the Campaign in all District Jails since April 2018 & yet well the practice is going on. DAPCU also took the same initiative as per the direction from NACO & through collaborating with TSACS.
The intervention of DAPCU, North Tripura:-  In order to organize the camp at first DPM & DIS, DAPCU met with all Jail authorities  in North & Unakoti District of Tripura & also communicated through the letter. At dist.level, Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) is the superintendent of Jail & his concern is necessary to deal with the system & we communicated with SDM & at next we also met with Deputy Jailer. We, fixed date & consequently through the collaboration of TSACS & AD-ICTC. We mobilized Mobile ICTC VAN from SACS on the specific date & venue, that it may also be conducive for inmates & jail authority also.
·         At first, we did a counseling session  with  all jail inmates regarding awareness of HIV/AIDS, Significance of HIV/AIDS screening, etc.As, The knowledge about HIV/AIDS among inmates was high, but misconceptions about HIV/AIDS are still rife among the prisoners and educational programs would be required to correct this. Most of the inmates still display negative attitudes that are likely to encourage stigmatization and discrimination against the PLWHA. This will militate against voluntary counseling and testing as fear of isolation will prevent individuals from being tested. So, DAPCU, North Tripura intervene in this context to remove misconception & to get them tested. At last, everyone got tested after our counseling session & few staffs of jail screened them.
·         Then, one by one came for screening following all the formal procedure ( Such as filling consent form, etc)  & test was done.
·         Handed over the reports to the jail authority & two known reactive found. Consequently, positives did verify & found already existed. However, we again counsel them for medical adherence & to be in touch with a regular medical check-up.
DAPCU North Tripura conducted the campaign as following dates:-
Ø  7th April 2018:- Dharmanagar Sub  Jail- 61 Screened.
Ø  7th May 2018:- Kailashahar Dist.Jail-54 Screened.
Ø  6th September 2018:- Kanchanpur Sub Jail:-24 Screened & 1 Known Positive.
Ø  30th January 2019:-Dharmanagar Sub Jail:-58 screened & 1 known Positive found.
Apart from that, ICTC staffs reach in Jail  on need to screen inmates & whoever found Positive, linkage with FI-ART/ART for medical adherence.

Here, this is very much necessary to mention the whole procedure has been achieved through the integrated effort of DAPCU. In each sphere, DAPCU staffs have managed. Such as, DPM & DIS communicated to organize & on the spot facilitated to do. M&E reported & helped to maintain records. Dist. Accountant helped to organize the said programs. Here, the team of M-ICTC Van were involved & AD-ICTC lead. Here, TI, N-TI, AHANA, respective ICTC’s also helped a lot. Obviously, the Authority of Jails & SDM did co-operate with us to do so.
All HIV-positive inmates have special needs, ART Guidelines for HIV-infected Adults and Adolescents, released by NACO in May 2018, strongly recommend establishing effective linkages between ART and harm-reduction programs. It also states that ART should be given as part of a comprehensive package of prevention (including harm reduction), care and support and treatment. So, in this year also DAPCU will drive for the same practice in September 2019  to do the programs across all jails at Dist. There are 2 Sub-jail at North Tripura & One Dist Jail at kailashahar, Unakoti.  DAPCU has covered all the jails & we have also planned to involve One Juvenile Home in North Tripura under Child Welfare Committee. We may also communicate with the Inspector of Jail Prisons at Agartala.


Dharmanagar SUB JAIL, North Tripura on 7th April 2018 during the campaign

Awareness camp cum HIV Screening at Sub District Jail Dharmanagar & Dist Jail,Kailashahar among on trial/convicted Prisoner on 30th January 2019.

Monday, 18 September 2017

DAPCU Dimapur (Nagaland) Response to the Theme : Data Quality

DAPCU Dimapur (Nagaland) conducts monthly review meeting of all the NACP facilities on 3rd of every month where all the reports are brought by the concern staffs of NACP facilities to review and submit the reports. DAPCU team ensures that all the facilities submit the monthly report in time before entering the data’s in SIMS. During the meeting, preceding months analysis are highlighted where DAPCU team highlights the gaps and achievement of the NACP facilities and in which areas focus should be made to achieve the targets.

During the meeting the NACP facilities submits their hard and soft copy of reports, the DAPCU team cross checks the for reporting errors.

The ICTCs do not enter the data online in SIMS due to non availability of internet facilities/data card in their respective center's and for which the facilities submits the soft copy to DAPCU. DAPCU teams make sure that all data are being captured and entered in soft copy and after proper cross checking the DAPCU team enters and upload the data in SIMS and then forwards it to SACS.

DAPCU staff have also developed the SIMS information details in Excel format where the team enters all the details of hard copies submitted by the facilities where it has become easier for DAPCU to extract the data and records of all the ICTCs and through that format DAPCU does the analysis and highlights to the facilities during the month review meeting and also during the DAPCU review meetings.

SIMS Compilation sheet with all ICTCs

Many a times the DAPCU team has observed while cross-checking and reporting the discrepancies in referral and linkages from TIs to ICTCs in regard to HRGs testing the data reported by the facilities does not tally with the TI Reports. So inorder to have quality, accurate and standard reporting from all the facilities, DAPCU have developed another format in excel sheet to validate Targeted Intervention (TI) to ICTCs referral.
DAPCU developed format to validate TI to ICTC referrals.
The above format have been sent to all the 11 (eleven) TI NGOs in Dimapur district where the TI NGOs reports every month about the HRGs being tested in different facilities. Through that format DAPCU teams can easily identify the referral of TI HRGs tested in different ICTCs and can find out how many HRGs were tested in ICTCs and the same report is being cross checked with the ICTCs report while submitting their monthly report. The same format is being used by DAPCU while going for supervisory visit to ICTCs and TI NGOs in order to cross check with their reports and records.

Another format developed by DAPCU teams is the TI to ICTC comparison mainly to track the HIV positive detected from the TI NGOs. Through this format DAPCU can identify the numbers of HIV positive detected in TI NGOs.

Through all these formats and records maintained by DAPCU, the team can easily identify the discrepancies with the concern facilities and rectify the errors and also helps DAPCU to extract the data as and when required for information and this has also reduced the data discrepancies to a large extent in our district which is consider as the highest HIV positive detection in our state Nagaland.