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Angul Response to theme - Coordination between DAPCUs

Co-ordination among staff of a DAPCU and among DAPCUs is essential to achieve the desired goals i.e.  Getting to zero (Zero HIV transmission, Zero Stigma –discrimination & Zero AIDS related death).

There are 7  DAPCU functioning in Odisha. Coordination among DAPCUs of different district is carried out from the beginning of the establishment of DAPCU i.e. from- November 2008 onward. In the  beginning each staff of one  DAPCU  District  co-ordinates with counterparts of other  District DAPCU Staff for the establishment DAPCU, Specially regarding number of files, maintenance/ organizing DAPCC meeting/ DCC meeting/ Data compilation etc.

What are the issues on which DAPCUs support each other and how is the co-ordination achieved?

  • In case of one DAPCU district misses any letter/ or communication from OSACS/NACO etc., the other DAPCU districts forwards/ informs the same letter/ communication through Email/Phone etc.
  • In case of any form provided by OSACS BBSR to DAPCU district is missed the other DAPCU district forwards the scan copy of the same to the concerned DAPCU district.

What role do the SACS play in enhancing this coordination?

In time intervals the OSACS, organizes DAPCU review meetings/ trainings etc in which all DAPCUs staffs share their feeling/ achievements problems etc by which we get a lesson and accordingly we prepare/ modify our plans/ activities etc.

Recently OSACS, had organized one exposure visit to Bangalore and DPM Ganjam and Angul visited Bangalore on 28th to 29th January 2013. In _ Mysore they met the DAPCU Staff of Mysore and collected various information about their activities.

 Share a few examples on which you have taken the support of other DAPCU and how it has helped you?

  • DAPCU Bhadrak mobilized one ILR (Ice Line Refrigerator) from FAKKOR Company. DPM DAPCU Bhadrak was able to mobilize the same ILR, as he discussed the “HIV  Kits”  preservation problems in DAPCC meeting and Collector and District Magistrate  of Bhadrak instructed  FAKKER Company to provide the same to DAPCU Bhadrak.  Accordingly DPM DAPCU Angul also discussed the same kits preservation problem in DAPCC meeting and Collector and District Magistrate instructed to  Executive Director of JSPL to provide the same to DAPCU, Angul and it is under process. 

Show a few examples of the results achieved by inter DAPCU Co-ordination?

  • Recently OSACS BBSR organized one inter DAPCU District co ordination   visit and experience sharing among   DAPCU District staff in Angul District.  DPM and M&E Assistant of Khurda and Bhadrak visited the DAPCU, Angul on 3rd July, 2013.  In the same day one meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Joint Director Basic services OSACS BBSR.   In the same meeting DNRT member  was also present & in their presence   each District briefly presented their two major achievements report The DAPCU staff of Khurda and Bhadrak also verified the various files / records of DAPCU Angul and also gave a feedback to Angul DAPCU for better management of work.

In letter received register the staff of DAPCU Angul are not writing any comments in remark column.  But DAPCU Khurda emphasize to mention “what are the action taken against each letter” received by OSACS /  NACO / various line Deptt and after that , DAPCU Angul is also writing the action taken  issues against  each   received   letter in remark column.

The DAPCU staff of Khurda and Bhadrak also visited the ICTC  II of Angul district and verified their  record. DAPCU, Angul staff also learned many lesson from their supervision style and were able to know that- what are the various issues on which one can minutely observe the activities of the counselor and LT of different ICTC.

In the afternoon session of the same day DNRT member  gave direction to three  DAPCU district staff i.e. Bhadrak, Angul, Khurda for preparation of District Annual  work plan and accordingly the three DAPCU district prepare the AWP and submitted the same to OSACS, BBSR.  Again on 5th July these three DAPCU district staffs guide the other four DAPCU district staff for preparation of District AWP.

Lastly for the first time in Odisha DAPCU history the inter DAPCU coordination visit was organized under the leadership of Joint Director, Basic services OSACS, and DNRT member .  The same programme was highly appreciated by the Collector and District Magistrate of Angul / CDMO Angul/ ADMO (PH)/ DPM, NRHM, Angul and by the DAPCC, Members.  

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