Sunday, 4 August 2013

Buldana response to DAPCU Coordination

Coordination among DAPCU’s: Buldhana Response.
 Buldhana district located in the end part of Vidarbha,Maharashtra. District has a 80% population from the rural part. District has a 17 stand-alone ICTC’s and 56 PHC’s where the HIV testing has facilitated.
Challenges in the district 

 i)  Migration of HRG.
ii)  FSW trafficking.
iii)  Linking positive client to ART due to geographically difficulty.
iv) Transportation and storage of Kits as facilities located in a very rural part.

To overcome  these challenges  Buldhana DAPCU always takes the help of Coordinating DAPCU, which are follows.
1) FSW from the Buldana district was tested in the Akola  and now is linked  in the Buldhana district for further follow-up.
2) District has a limitation in storage of Kits, so  kits store in the walk in cooler at Akola.
3) For technical expertise we  always take the help of SRL situated at Aurangabad.
4) To coordinate services especially LFU/MIS, ART linkages and ANC follow-up we work with -Aurangabad, Jalna, Akola and Washim
5) For IEC activities and conducting workshop we coordinate  with Aurangabad and Akola.

These coordination activities give the better result to provide best services to the PLHIV and HRG. The linkages and HRG coverage of the district is increasing day by day. 

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