Sunday, 11 August 2013

Banda Response to theme- Coordination between DAPCUs

Yes, it is obviously needed for DAPCUs to work in coordination each other because every state, even district has a different work culture, format, environment, language, structure and so on etc.  If DAPCUs between inter district or state will share their work with other DAPCU whatever district or state, One DAPCU can learn with initiatives, way of work-performance, reporting  and many more thing.  In our District Banda, DAPCU team members share thoughts/ideas, working ways of different task e.g. reporting, through email sharing as well as by telephonic discussion.

What are the issues on which DAPCUs support each other and how is this coordination achieved?

Issue are discussed with other DAPCUs e.g. reporting matter, preparing maps, social benefit scheme, district level meetings, monthly meetings issue are discussed. We share emails regarding particular subjects/issues, contact telephonic with other DAPCUs staff whenever needed. 

What role do the SACS play in enhancing this co-ordination? 

Our UPSACS play pivotal role in enhancing this co-ordination, SACS share initiative, working format, technique, strategy of one DAPCU with other DAPCUs to learn and advise to do the same. Initiatives of DAPCU discussed with other DAPCUs at the time of review by SACS and promote to learn by these strategies. In this way UPSACS enhance co-ordination between DAPCUs. 

Share a few examples in which you have taken the support of other DAPCUs and how it has helped you.

DAPCU BANDA takes support of other DAPCUs in U.P. as well as other than U.P. for many of issues as social benefit scheme, spatial map preparing, ART linkages strategies, IEC activities etc. DAPCU BANDA - IEC activities among rickshaw puller is a best example after learning from initiative of other DAPCUs.  Co-ordination with District Administration learned by Banda DAPCU by DAPCU Series shared by NACO. 

Share a few examples of the results achieved by inter DAPCUs coordination.

We think that many of initiatives are learn by inter coordination among DAPCUs e.g. DAPCU Kit decentralization system by DAPCU Banda adopted by other DAPCUs in U.P. DAPCU Banda also learned many things by other DAPCUs as linking to HRGs with social welfare scheme and PLHIVs with social benefit scheme. 

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