Sunday, 11 August 2013

Response on Coordination between DAPCUs -DAPCU Davangere

DAPCUs really need to coordinate with each other for the smooth implementation of the programme.  DAPCU Davangere coordinated with neighboring DAPCUs: Chitradurga, Shivamogga, Haveri, Bellary, Gadag and far off districts like Kodagu, Mysore, Chikkamangalur, and Bangalore Urban for the issues related to HIV test kits, drugs, IEC, printed forms, reporting, monitoring & trainings.  DAPCU team got full hand support during HIV kits scarcity, chitradurga non-DAPCU unit has issued test kits and shown their concern to run the programme to provide service to people in dire need.  They also extended their support by providing printed formats, they are our first preferential choice for issues related to HIV test kits. DAPCU Haveri and Shivamogga have shown similar concern.

Our team takes inputs to clarify queries on understanding the e-mails some time.  Reporting and monitoring, which is helpful to work effectively through the coordination with DAPCUs: Chikkamangalur and Kodagu.

In creating mass awareness and sensitization on HIV/AIDS messages, we discuss with neighboring DAPCUs: Bellary, Shivamogga, Gadag and Chikkamangalore who provide additional information which is helpful to implement IEC programme in the district.

Coming to trainings DAPCUs: Davngere is considered as regional place and has to coordinate with 5-6 districts. DAPCU: Bellary, Chitradurga, Haveri, Shivamogga, & Koppal, they mail their participants’ list, depute and ensure trainees take-Part in trainings

DAPCUs:Shivamogga & Tumkur have provided inputs and clarified our doubts, queries and shared  opinion on issues concerned with finance.

Far off districts like Bangalore urban too coordinated very well during the shortage of NVP(S), through SACS intervention the shortage was met in short span of time.

With regard to out of district positive cases, Pre-ART, On-ART dues & LFUs of Chitradurga, Haveri & Bellary, there is gap in receiving feedback and this gap need to be bridged. 

SACS play very important role in enhancing  the coordination between DAPCUs.  SACS can readjust/relocate kits, printed formats, IEC materials, drugs in time of shortage/excess in DAPCUs.  SACS need to ensure on priority about out of district cases’ feedback to be exchanged between DAPCUs & to share exceptional achievements and successful implementation of the programme of one district with all other districts, so that it will form a strong base to build and strengthen coordination between DAPCUs, which in turn helps to indentify gaps and to achieve goals of the programme successfully in all districts.

           Our team heartily thanks all the DAPCUs who helped during our need & expecting the same in forth coming days.

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