Tuesday, 6 August 2013

DAPCU Chandrapur Response to Co-ordination among DAPCU's

We are happy to send the response on this theme. Coordination among DAPCUs is very useful for us & all DAPCUs. For a smooth working & a good atmosphere it’s really a need a good coordination among DAPCUs. We give only two to three examples of it as below 

1. Relocation of consumables & Kits
    a. We communicate with DPO, DAPCU Dist. Gadchiroli to  relocation STI drugs kit to us.
    b. We request to relocate excess consumable to us from DAPCU, Dist. Thane by email & also on telephonic conversation.

 2. To improve DAPCU performance
    a. We are communicate with other DAPCU & other DAPCU also          communicate with us for Programmatically improvement. For ex. DAPCU Wardha for sharing training loads.
    b. We share information regarding LFU patients with help of   ART center, Chandrapur from DPO,  DAPCU Dist. Yawatmal to reduce number of LFU patients

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