Monday, 8 October 2012

Nanded DAPCU Response- Positive Prevention

Positive Prevention (Nanded District, Maharashtra) : 

Positive Prevention is the most important parameter to prevent any further infection from PLHIV to other Un-infected person. If we unable to control infection from PLHIV to the un-infected person directly a lot of people are at risk.
Nanded district is also working hard and implementing strategies to encourage positive prevention. We believe that reducing or eliminating stigma and discrimination are important aspects of positive prevention. As when PLHIV have no fear , they are able to access services and lead a healthy and responsible life 

  1. The most important step the district has taken  to avoid any single  Stigma & Discrimination case by maximum utilization of district resources like NGO, mainstreaming of several departments, sensitization of . health staff etc. If any such case happened the DAPCU team work hard to sort out the matter and serve the PLHIV.
  2. If any critical matter happened regarding Stigma & Discrimination, DAPCU takes the help of District Authority to get rid out of the problem.

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