Wednesday, 10 October 2012

DAPCU Thoubal response to theme of the month

  • Why is positive prevention important?
Positive prevention is important because....
  1. It is going to stop further transmission of HIV/AIDS from infected peoples to uninfected peoples.
  2. It will control sexually transmitted infections.
  3. It will increase the standard of living for PLHIVs.

  • What are the strategies for positive prevention undergoing in your district?
Some of the strategies in our district are,
1.proper counselling to PLHIVs.
2. cent percent ART referral of all HIV positives.
3.Effective Condom promotion
4. Proper and regular STI checkups.
5.Mid-media campaign
6.Strengthening the role of LWS and PPTCT NGOs
7. Enhancing IEC Campasign
  1. Mainstreaming with public and private sector viz. other Govt. health dept. Education Dept. Etc
  2. Strenthenging the role of TI NGOs

  • What role does the DAPCU play in this regard?
Role played by DAPCU Thoubal
  1. Proper monitoring for pre and post-test counselling of our ICTCs, ARTC and STI centres by the counsellors.
  2. All the ICTC tested positives are sent to ARTCs.
  3. Proper and regular STI check-ups.
  4. Strengthening the work of CST.
  5. Taking due care in blood safety.
  6. Condom promotion and more focus on condom outlets.
  7. Mid-media campaign especially in folk troups.
  8. Mainstreaming with NRHM and other line departments.

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