Thursday, 11 October 2012

DAPCU Surat response to theme of the month

  • Why is Positive Prevention Important?
    Positive Prevention plays an important role in checking the spread of HIV. It contributes to   reduction of burden on General Health Facilities as well as improvement of the health of person living with HIV / AIDS.

  • What are the strategies for positive prevention underway in our districts?
We have opted following strategies in our Surat District:
  • Pre and Post Test Counseling
  • Preventive Counseling
  • BCC Activity
  • IPC Activity
  • Positive Speaker Activity
  • More Focus on Partner Notification and Counseling for Discordant Couples.
  • Linkages to PLHA with ARTC, CCC and Drop in Centers run by District level Positive Network.
  • Linking with Jatan Project (Working for ART Enrolment & providing transportation) also.
  • Linkages to PLHA with Social Benefits of Different Govt. Schemes for PLHA.

  • What role does the DAPCU play in this regard?

Role of DAPCU Mention Below:

  • Demand Generation and Services availability.
  • Condom Promotion Activity with HLL (Hindustan Latex Limited)
  • Services available to PLHA are in General Health Facilities.
  • Meeting with Social Welfare Department of Surat District for providing services of Govt. Schemes to PLHA (People Living with HIV / AIDS).
  • Provide Services on Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission.
  • Prevention activity of EID program to cover all infants born to Positive mothers.
  • Provide Care Support and Treatment services to Adult PLHA and CLHA (Child Living with HIV / AIDS).
  • Providing Services with Different Component of NACP in District like Targeted Intervention, ICTC-PPTCT, Blood Safety, STI Clinic, ARTC, CCC and PLHIV Network DLN.
  • DAPCU Team Regularly Monitor Supervision with Technical Support to Facilities and ensure Management of Service Delivery.

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