Monday, 29 October 2012

DAPCU Performance Tool

Dear DAPCU Teams,

You are aware, since June 2010, efforts have been made to uniformly train all DAPCUs across the country with the focus being on strengthening their role in monitoring and coordinating the HIV/AIDS program at the district level. After the training, various strategies for mentoring of DAPCUs have been undertaken by NACO. Initially, mentoring was carried out through feedbacks based on DAPCU Monthly Reports (DMRs); subsequently many SACS took over the mentoring part and review meetings were conducted in few of those states. Mentoring has been continuing through phone calls, video conferencing as well as onsite mentoring through field visits. Cross learning and sharing of information is also being facilitated through documentation and dissemination of select DAPCU teams.

After more than two years of mentoring the DAPCUs, based on the review of data from DMRs and field level interaction with the DAPCU staff and DAPCU Nodal person at SACS, grading of DAPCUs was proposed through a self-assessment tool. This will help to customize and focus mentoring efforts to DAPCUs as per their assessment.

This tool has been attached along with this mail. It has three different work sheets - one is the scoring sheet, second one is the definition and directions on how to score and third one is the description of all indicators.  This tool helps the DAPCUs to understand and assess their own levels of achievements and areas where they need support to take them to the next level. SACS can use this tool to prepare district specific capacity building/mentoring plan to help DAPCUs to perform better.
We request you to do self-performance assessment using this tool and send across filled score sheet by 31st October. Remember, this assessment has to be done by DAPCU Team and not by an individual, every quarter.

PS: I would request DAPCU Nodal Officer at SACS to take cognizance of this performance tool and may assess DAPCU’s performance during DAPCU review meeting. 

Best wishes,

Dr Govind Bansal
DAPCU Coordinator
6th Floor, 36, Chandralok Building, 
Janpath, New Delhi-11
Mb: 09910070977

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