Thursday, 25 October 2012

ANC Tracking : An Innovation-DAPCU Amravati

Using ANC Tracking Calendar

Providing the complete package of services to positive ANCs is an important mandate of the HIV programme at the district level. It is a widely acknowledged experience that tracking and following up on ANCs after post-test counseling is a challenge.
In order to meet this challenge DAPCU Amravati developed the ANC tracking calendar under the guidance of Dr. Asha Hegade (Ex PPTCT Consultant and current Joint Director Basic Services as well as DAPCU Nodal Officer.)
The services given to the ANC in PPTCT programme
  • Counseling on HIV,
  • HIV test
  • Post-test counseling,
  • ART registration
  • Counseling for MTP
  • Breast feeding Counseling
  • Institutional delivery
  • MB pair NVP,
  • DBS at 6 week
    Follow-up on 6 month, 12 month and 18 month

Missing any of these can hinder efforts in stopping new infections. The ANC tracking calendar was developed to support the above.
Contents of the ANC tracking calendar
  • First row there is year and the Month.
  • 1st Column there are parameters of the PPTCT programme.
At the DAPCU level a specific code to the every facility is given like A for ICTC Sub District Hospital Achalpur or BC for Kothara Hospital Achalpur (PPP ICTC) or OD for other district ANC. Based on this the facilities enter data as required from testing through all phases of follow up. In the second week of the month DAPCU takes stock of the expected services to be provided to ANCs and holds discussions with the concerned facilities. The facilities update this tracker at month and end this is further reviewed and discussed during their meeting.
We used this calendar from June 2012 and the results are below
  1. The effect is found in ART registration, only 59% of ANC registered before using the ANC calendar.
  2. In the first year of using of ANC calendar starts from July the result increases up to 64%.
  3. In the next year the ANC registration touches to 84%.
  4. And in last year the ANC registration touches 94.44%.

Courtesy: DAPCU Amravati

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