Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Response to the Theme Akola DAPCU: Stigma & Discrimination and DAPCU.

People living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) are stigmatized and looked at negatively by people at large. Stigma, discrimination, and prejudice extend its reach to people associated with HIV-positive people such as health providers, hospital staff, as well as family member and friends.  DAPCU plays a major role in reducing stigma and
discrimination related to HIV/AIDS in the district. 
      Akola DAPCU coordinates various activities to reduce Stigma and Discrimination in the district viz.
1) Sensitization programs for the Line departments and peoples representatives: 
DAPCU with the help of District Administration arranged the sensitization programs for the line department. Akola DAPCU has conducted awareness programs for the revenue department, education department, panchayat members, SHG’s, police departments and health staff. Every year the annual action plan for sensitization program has submitted to SACS.
2) Maximum utilization of Electronic and Print media to prevent any issue related to S&D:  
DAPCU routinely connected with the print media and local electronic media of the district. DAPCU publishes the activities related to HIV/AIDS and also highlight the positive living of the PLHA.
3) IEC Activities : 
SACS has organized permanent hoarding at hot spots of the district. Twice in a year SACS has arranged the folk troupe campaign for HIV awareness and to reduce stigma & Discrimination in the society. At healthcare facility DAPCU pasted the hoarding and banners for sensitization of health facility. A big event like RRE also arranged twice in the district to aware general population.
4) Positive Speakers Contribution:
If any stigma and discrimination issue noted in the district that issue jointly handle by the DAPCU and PLHIV network. In every event DAPCU arranged positive speaker. The involvement of the positive speakers was really appreciable in the RRE event. 
5) Strengthening of PLHIV:
DAPCU provided care, support and treatment to the PLHIV by fascinating social benefit scheme approach. DAPCU Akola also run a intervention for strengthening of PLHIV in which PLHIV got a technical training for self employment. DAPCU formed the GIPA committee for sorting out any crucial issue at the district level.

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