Tuesday, 24 September 2013

DAPCU Coimbatore Response to : Stigma-Discrimination and DAPCU

Role and responsibilities of DAPCU with respect to stigma and discrimination:
Main role is positive prevention which benefits and helps to reduce stigma and discrimination.
Common reasons for stigma and discrimination are described to help counsellors understand the causes behind family and community attitudes and behaviour towards PLHIV. Self- stigma and enacted stigma are both discussed in detail and an assessment tool is provided that enables counsellors to identify the kind of stigma experienced by PLHIV. The DAPCU plays co- ordination of strategies to help clients cope with self and enacted stigma, such as communication skills and exercises to improve self- esteem.

Functions  &  Roles of DAPCU                                    
Coordination :

  • Coordinate with PLHIV and reiterate the need for positive prevention.

Monitoring/supervisory :

  • Reiterate the counsellors in providing positive prevention counseling to PLHIV.
  • Reiterate the need to include prevention at every opportunity in prevention, care and support service delivery. 

PLHIV can easily access to DAPCU and DPM on all days and their grievance are meeted out.
In health care settings for surgery and LSCS, Delivery of PLHIV’S attention is immediately given by the DPM by talking to CMO, RMO, DEAN and JDHS.
Inter department meeting was conducted and same was discussed and their coordination and help was sought by the DAPCU.
In community setting advocacy work shop was held to minimize stigma and discrimination.
Complaints was received from the PLHIV and the remedial measures had taken like we got ration card for a PLHIV in ONE DAY which was given by the COLLECTOR, This  PLHIV’s was under stigma by not getting ration card for the past 8 years. 
THADCO loan, Self- Help group formation was done and the bank people hesitated and discrimination was there for giving loan which were settled by DAPCU and loan were given to PLHIV’s.
To remove stigma and discrimination, PLHIV’s participated in Grama saba meetings and PRI members assured them to give houses for rental amidst common community.

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