Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Balangir DAPCU Response to the Theme- Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Services to the HIV Positive Migrants

Prevention & Early Detection

Though there is no TI working for migrants, the transit migrant’s intervention is done by TI-NGO at Titilagarh railway station which is major transit point. During intervention counseling (group and one to one) on HIV/AIDS, distribution of free condoms and take home IEC materials are given.

In Balangir district the migrants return during September to October. In that period health camps are conducted in migration prone blocks for free health checkup and HIV / TB / STI etc screening are also done. Suspected clients including their partners are referred to nearest ICTC for HIV testing.

The detected HIV positive client is immediately linked to ART centre for ART registration and in regular interval they are followed up by concerned counselor. During counseling session their destination / duration of stay / cause of migration etc are observed for future tracking and follow up.

Linking to ART, Treatment Adherence, Follow-up of MIS & LFU

By making inter district coordination (Ganjam, VSS, Burla-Sambalpur, Angul) the clients are followed up for LFU/Mis cases and ART registration. Out of 108 nos. of detected migrants, out of them 28 nos. of client have registered out of Balangir. Positive clients from other districts have also registered at Balangir ARTC. We have ensured inter ARTC / LAC coordination during our ART coordination meeting.

PPTCT services

If any ANC found positive and his spouse is migrant, it is always followed up by concerned counselor for institutional delivery and the same information is shared with other DAPCUs where they migrate.

Pictures Related to Health Camp for Migrants

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