Monday, 11 November 2013

DAPCU Kanyakumari Response to the Theme: Care and Support Services for PLHIVs in the Absence of CCCs

Problems Faced after the closing of CCCs:

For minor OIs we find very difficult to get admissions in Medical College hospital. And patients who are new and need to do basic investigations had have to come long way for two to three days to ARTC. CCC was a good place where only PLHAs can share there problems with out any hesitations as all the patients are PLHAs and the bystanders also know about them.They could talk to everybody in CCC openly.But in hospitals even the staff know about the HIV status the patient in the near by bed is not aware and the PLHA is always in a fear that whether anybody tell them about the HIV satus.Until they are discharged from the hospital they under the fear that the HIV status will be disclosed to others by any of the staff.

Measures have been taken by DAPCU to replace the services given by CCC:

Discussed with DACO and other medical officers about the minor Ois when the PLHAs need admission in the hospital.Now all the MOs of peripheral centres are willing to admit the PLHAs and to give  care to them and also trying to give any other support needed for the PLHAs. Previously when one PLHA come to peripheral centre usually the MO refer them to ARTC. Now the descrimination has come down and most of them are treating the PLHAs in Govt hospitals.

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