Sunday, 24 November 2013

DAPCU Balangir response on the Theme: Care and Support Services for PLHIVs in the Absence of CCCs

1. Has DAPCU faced any problems after closing CCC in the District?

  • Yes. The PLHIVs were deprived of getting medical treatment like OI, drug reaction etc. through CCC.
  • When CCC was there in this district, the PLHIVs were coming with a confidence and without any hesitation of getting care, support and treatment.

2. What measures have been taken by DAPCU to replace the services given by CCC?
  • DAPCU has coordinated with DLN for providing support to PLHIVs, those are coming from remote places to ARTC, Balangir for their shelter and treatment at DSRC.
  • LFU tracking is being made through DLN and other networks like USS. ICTC counselors are suggested for follow up even the client is not detected at their ICTCs.

3. How did DAPCUs integrate the In Patient & Out Patient services in the existing Govt. Health facilities?
  • Any medical treatment / test is required which is not available at ARTC, through district health administration, the PLHIVs are included to get the benefits from the Govt. health facilities.
  • Most of the times the health care providers like doctors, Staff nurses are sensitized on HIV/AIDS which in turn the PLHIVs are get benefited from the health facilities.

4. What are the good practices or approaches adopted to provide medical care to PLHIV within the district?
  • DAPCU has coordinated / organized various sensitization programmes on HIV/AIDS to make aware the Health Care Providers on the same.
  • Free clinical tests are being done at SDH levels.
  • Now it become a general that HIV positive deliveries are being conducted at DHH and SDH level through constant sensitization to the Health Care Providers (from top to bottom) through various sensitization programme, during field visits etc.

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