Thursday, 21 November 2013

DAPCU Bhavnagar Response to the Theme: Care and Support Services for PLHIVs in the Absence of CCCs

Has DAPCU faced any problems after closing CCC in the District?
  • Yes, we have the faced the problem when PLHIV pt. come from interfere villages for taken a health services. We have no any places where there pt. is stay for night.
  • Also problem occurs for minor OI treatment.
  • Sometime pt. receives the treatment but not get a psycho-socio support from health facility.
  • Major problem in outreach activity specially tracking of MISS & LFU cases.
  • Not specific system for tracking of MISS & LFU cases by staff.
What are the good practices or approaches adopted to provide medical care to PLHIV within the district?
  • There is a one option for provide medical care to PLHIV sensitize the all health worker about care and support to PLHIV. 
  • Give the training about care and support ( ART regimen, OI treatment, eligibility criteria for ART, CD4 importance)to PHC and CHC medical officer. Also training give to private practitioner for ARTC. And inform them for what type of services given from ARTC to PLHIV. 
  • Establish the LINK ART CENTER   at the  each and every ICTC and PPTCT. Because all medical and paramedical staff will involve the CST Programme. And also PLHIV will taken a ART for long time regularly. Therefore reduce the work burden from Nodal  ARTC.  Also benefit for partner testing. 

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