Sunday, 24 November 2013

DAPCU - East Delhi response on the Theme: Care and Support Services for PLHIVs in the Absence of CCC

1. Has DAPCU faced any problems after closing CCC in the District? 

  • CCCs were established by NACO for providing care, support & treatment to PLHIV.
  • DAPCU East doesn’t have CCC & ART centre since beginning. So DAPCU-East didn’t face any problems after closing the CCC.

2. What measures have been taken by DAPCU to replace the services given by CCC?
  • As we already mentioned that we didn’t have CCC & ART since beginning therefore we need not to take any measures for replacing the services given by ccc. 

3.How did DAPCUs integrate the In Patient & Out Patient services in the existing Govt. Health    facilities?
  • Positive clients were referred to Link ART Centre.  In Link ART centre the counsellor provided proper counselling to PLHIV clients and after that they will get treatment from Link ART centre. In case PLHIVs face any problem in getting in Patient & out Patient services in the existing Govt. Health facilities, DAPCU - East coordinates with Govt. Health facilities with the help of CDMO office & District Administration.

4. What are the good practices or approaches adopted to provide medical care to PLHIV within the district?
  • Time to time Sensitization programs on HIV-AIDS and PLHIV’s Stigma & Discrimination related issues are organized by DAPCU - East in  Government Health Facilities of the east District.
  • DAPCU –East organized Workshop, Mega Camp, Health Camp & IEC activities in regular time frame.
  • Linked PLHIV’s to available facilities to provide care & support services, as per their requirement.
  • Linked PLHIV’s to Social Beneficiaries Schemes with the help of Local District Administration.
  • In case of any problem to provide medical care to PLHIV within the district the matter was discussed in the DAPCC meeting.

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