Monday, 25 November 2013

DAPCU Amravati Response to the Theme: Care and Support Services for PLHIVs in the Absence of CCCs

Has DAPCU faced any problems after closing CCC in the District? 

  • DAPCU Amravati has CCC since beginning.
  • CCC Amravati doing excellent Job and the almost all the clients with the funding and monitoring agency are very happy so the after closing CCC the major problem are found in the gap of eligible on ART.
  • The client came after pre art he/she should stay there for OI management and the palliated treatment and in this period the CD4 done and client put on ART.

What measures have been taken by DAPCU to replace the services given by CCC?

  • DAPCU doing advocacy with the District Civil Surgeon and Dean of Private medical collage to please give the services of IPD those are in OI Management or Bed ridden clients.
  • Also discuss with CSC to if the clients are suffer from some IPD problem communicate to DAPCU and DACO. 

How did DAPCUs integrate the In Patient & Out Patient services in the existing Govt. Health    facilities?

  • All OPD clients are first entered in to the ART center we have the DSRC (STI/RTI) in the same floor of the ART so the maximum OI and Skin problem are solve in the one place. In other OPD clients they are refer to the general OPD in civil hospital and in medical college.
  • In IPD client the case paper and IPD registration form are available with ART center the SMO or MO can direct admit the client.

What are the good practices or approaches adopted to provide medical care to PLHIV within the district?

  • The DAPCU Amravati are doing advocacy with all the Govt. health facilities and private medical collage for give services to the PLHIV.
  • The DAPCU Amravati are giving facility to all the PLHIV who needs the facilities like FNAC which are not available in the Govt. facilities are free in the private medical college.
  • The DAPCU Amravati is also give facility to CLHIV in special day with the pediatrics availability in medical college in every Thursday.
  • The DAPCU Amravati also gives facility of Pepsmere testing in woman hospital for PLHIV women and HRG without any charge.

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