Wednesday, 10 August 2016

DAPCU Khordha (Odisha) Response to the Theme : Views on DAPCU's role in Non-DAPCU Districts

I am representing DAPCU Khordha of Odisha state where there are only seven DAPCU districts out of 30 Districts. Khordha is falling in Category B. However, the service expanding to nearest District concept has also been implemented at our state as the district has been assigned the neighboring Puri District. Yes, the DAPCU district can extend service to the nearest non DAPCU district for better support and facilitation in the NACP activities.

How can the DAPCUs extend their support to non-DAPCU districts to manage/coordinate the NACP activities in the non-DAPCU district? 

It is possible to manage and coordinate HIV activities in the non DAPCU district by collective efforts of DAPCU staff especially M&E, DA (Program) and DPM. The three staffs are required in different spheres. The technical group separately or jointly can provide support to the facilities in different activities. However, following are some of the activities where DAPCU can support non DAPCU district.

Facilitating conduction of regular monthly review meetings with the NACP facilitates   
(HIV-TB coordination meeting , DCC meeting)
Coordination with the district health Administration and concerned Nodal officer of NACP activities in the District and with DTO.

Topics and components to be discussed in the meetings.
Minutes is to be prepared and to be shared with the participants / facilities which will be again followed up.
Sharing of information and contacts can be done at the home DAPCU level through e-mail and over phone.
Hand holding support to be given through monitoring and Supervision visits
DPM and M&E will visit to the facilities for ensuring data validation, cross verification of data from source registers, ensuring correct and timely reporting. Also ensure 100% reporting through SIMS.

SACS may give permission to view data in SIMS, of non DAPCU district facilities data, feedback and reset the SIMS. 
There may be visit with the Program Assistant for necessary support on social protection linkages of PLHA
Viewing the facilities data in SIMS of non DAPCU District can be done by the M&E Asst at DAPCU. For this no need of separate budget.

Coordinate and follow up with District Social Welfare Officer, Social security Officer over phone and through visits. Field visits travel cost can be booked at DAPCU.
Ensuring referral and linkages
Minimize gap between referral and linkages through establishing coordination between the facilities.
This can be done through field visits.
Organizing trainings and health camps
DAPCU can facilitate to conduct training programs, advocacy and letter correspondence can be done by the Program Assistant at DAPCU.
The role of DAPCU is to facilitate the process.
Replication of good practices of DAPCU
The good practices can be replicated in non DAPCU districts through discussions sharing of documents, etc.

DAPCU can play an active role to support the non DAPCU district. DAPCU was established in our district in 2008.Support has been provided to facilities in the district since then, now the facilities can function with minimal support. Poor performing centers in non-DAPCU district can be visited on periodic basis. 

Requirement of finance for the visit to the non DAPCU District which can be meet from DAPCU travel fund but certain guidelines are to be issued by SACS.

As this type of support is being conducted but no financial guidelines are being issued to DAPCU.

Liasioning and coordination can be done at DAPCU level, for that no funds are required.

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