Friday, 19 August 2016

DAPCU NorthDelhi (Delhi) Response to the Theme : Views on DAPCU's role in Non-DAPCU Districts

DAPCU North is extending support to two non DAPCU districts i.e. South West and West Delhi districts, to facilitate NACP activities. In Delhi there are four DAPCU districts  ‘B’ category, out of 11 districts. 

How can the DAPCUs extend their support to non-DAPCU districts to manage/coordinate the NACP activities in the non-DAPCU district?

DAPCU North team is providing support to the facilities in both DAPCU and non-DAPCU districts. Following are some of the activities where DAPCU is supporting non DAPCU district.

Strategy opted
Conducting Monthly Review Meeting of non-DAPCU districts every month
DAPCU North is conducting Monthly review meeting for reviewing the performance of ICTC /PPTCT/DSRC & ART centers of non-DAPCU districts
Participation in monthly review meetings with the NACP facilitates (HIV-TB coordination meeting) 
DAPCU North is participating in the monthly review meetings organized by Chest Clinics in non DAPCU districts in which ICTC Center counselor is also a member
Support is given through monitoring and Supportive Supervisory Field Visits
DAPCU North is doing Supportive Supervisory field visits for monitoring and providing support as required by the Counselor.
Ensuring strengthening the referral and linkage between the NACP facilitates ICTC – RNTCP and among HIV /AIDS facilities
DAPCU North is emphasizing on strengthening the referral and linkage between the NACP facilitates i.e. ICTC-RNTCP and between HIV/AIDS facilities by validating the data and maintaining line listing data.
Organizing Sensitization Program  / training program and Health camps
DAPCU North is doing sensitization programs / trainings in non DAPCU districts and recently trained Asha workers of South West and West Districts and coordinated health camps in South West districts with support of DSACS 

DAPCU North has played an active and important role to support the non DAPCU districts. DAPCU was established in our district in 2009 and since then DAPCU was looking after one additional ‘C’ category district i.e. South West district. In June 2014, DSACS has requesting to support the West district too. Support has been provided to facilities in the non- DAPCU districts since then, Poor performing centers in non-DAPCU district are visited on periodic basis.  
Requirement of finance for the visit to the non DAPCU District is met from DAPCU travel fund.

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