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DAPCU Koraput response: DAPCU and Stigma & Discrimination.

                                     In today’s life, society has change in a very rapid way. It is acceptable and applicable for all components of issues /sites of life. So if we see the scenario of HIV/AIDs, whatever we feel and observe in past 2/3 years, there was really the stigma and Discrimination stay in the heart of a common people due to two basic reason i.e-1-Its route of transmission through Sex (general view of a common man & the term “Sex” is not yet accepected normally  by the conservative and orthodox society of India) and secondly the diseases is not curable.& death is sure.

  So, AIDS-related stigma and discrimination is a common  problem through worldwide and every where the  People living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) in India faces stigma and discrimination in a variety of contexts, including the household, community, workplace, and health care setting. However, several attempts are taken to reduce the stigma and discrimination from the minds of the people and to change their negative attitudes toward PLHIVs/CLHIVs through BCC, there are so many trainings /meetings are conducted by state level /District level (Through DAPCU/NGOs/CBOs & TIs), but still there is remain the stigma in the minds of the people. Whenever they are not taking it as normally as other diseases, it never avoided. So  it is highly needed to change the  component “ATTITUDE” ,”Mental Set-up”,” Behaviour “of all persons of society which is very difficult to change, but it needs  to  change one day.

Like other DAPCUs of India, DAPCU Koraput has conducted a lots of special campaigns /meetings/training with the involvement of other line departments (Advocates/Police/ college Students & teachers / SHG groups etc  for addressing stigma & discrimination .

Roles and Responsibility of DAPCU with respect to Stigma and discrimination relating to HIV:

              DAPCU plays a very important and significant role in reducing Stigma and Discrimination relating to HIV-AIDS in the District in the way of:

Co-ordinate with the NGOs/CBOs/TIs who are working for HIV/AIDS in the district to provide better facility to the PLHIVs/CLHIVS/+ve mothers..
Have good contact with the staffs of all SDPS and strong monitoring and supervision  should be in the district through  field visits at the HIV/AIDS facilities. 
Sensitization Programme of all medical and Para medical staffs must be needed.
For this DAPCU Koraput has successfully cover the 20 nos.of CHCs of 4 nos.of District (Malkangiri/Nabarangpur/Rayagada/Koraput) to sensitise the role of ICTC, themes on HIV/AIDS and its impact on the society.
Conducted sensitisation programme among students & youth by RRC in the district and among prisoners in the District head quarter Jail  and to the BSFs ,in their camps .to sensitise them regarding HIV/AIDS 
Sensitise and provide the door services of STI/RTI/normal health check up &HIV counselling and testing to the people of non reachable villages of district through IEC and MHU vans for covering migrated villages and peoples of hard to reach villages which is organise by DAPCUs.
Include the PLHIVs in different Social beneficiary plans and MGNREGS for considering them normal people for work and get their wages as like a normal people.
In Koraput, we involve the active participation of all PLHIVs in our all programmes; we empower them to share their all problems with us. Now, we engage all the PPTCT ORWs (Who are also PLHIVs) to counselled them regarding getting different Social Beneficiary plans and help to collect their documents to avail the plans. And it is successfully carried out .It helps to reduces the Above said issues and LFU/MIS cases in the district.
And for good co-ordination with Dist Collector & DM /PD.DRDA.and other Dist authorities, it is helpful to solve the issues relating PLHIVs.They provide their heartily co-operation directly and in directly to PLHIVs for availing all plans in the districts. These things are happened due to DAPCUs in all districts.
Now after taking different initiatives, these issues are reducing from the minds of the Koraput district.To-day, It rarely happens.

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