Wednesday, 26 October 2016

DAPCU Central Delhi Response to the Theme : DAPCUs role in strengthening referral between ICTC - ART

Following are the strategies currently being adopted to ensure linkages between ICTCs and ARTC in our district:
  1. Proper documentation of address & contact details of all clients visited at ICTC.
  2. Gapless Line Listing of all HIV Positive Clients.
  3. Outreach by ICTC Counselors to motivate the HIV Positive clients who are reluctant to register themselves at ART.
  4. Also, outreach by DSRC & TI-NGO staff of their respective clients (detected HIV Positive at ICTC) to ensure their ART Registration.
  5. Strengthening linkages between ICTC & ARTC through regular meetings.
  6. Support ICTC staff for ART Registration of HIV Positive Clients if they face any difficulty at ARTC.
  7. An intensified LFU Tracking Exercise was coordinated, monitored & facilitated by DAPCU-Central Delhi in Central, West & New Delhi Districts (in 2013-14) through following activities:
    1. Facility & Area wise scrutiny of all LFU data provided by Delhi SACS & 9 ARTCs of Delhi.
    2. Scrutinized details of LFUs were disseminated to the concern ICTC, PPTCTC, DSRC & TI-NGO staff for tracking of the same.
    3. LFU tracking were done by the concern facility staff and reported the same to the DAPCU.
    4. 1355 LFU cases were tracked out of total 1612 LFU cases provided during the Intensified LFU Tracking Exercise.

Following steps can be taken by DAPCU to link all the patients with ART who were detected HIV at the ICTCs:
  1. DAPCU can emphasis ICTC/ PPTCTC staff to note the proper addresses & details of ID Cards (particularly Aadhar Card details) of all the clients visited at the Center.
  2. More stress can be given on Out Reach activities by ICTC/ PPTCTC staff.
  3. Intensified LFU Tracking Exercise as cited above can be undertaken annually to minimize the gaps at ICTC-ARTC Level.
  4. DAPCU can coordinate with, and take support from other DAPCUs of the State for effective follow-up of clients missed/ LFU for ART.
  5. The help of CSC/ Help Desks can be taken, in case of the clients who do not have any Id-Card. Address of the client can be verified by the CSC/ Help Desk after proper visit at and client can be registered at ART on the behalf of the reported address verification of the Client by CSC/ Help Desk.
  6. The HIV Positive Clients can be motivated to register themselves at ART by aware them the benefits (including benefits of Financial Assistance Scheme of Delhi Govt.) which they can avail after ART Registration.

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