Tuesday, 17 December 2013

DAPCU North Tripura Response to the Theme: World AIDS Day-2013

DAPCU North Tripura Celebrated WORLD AIDS DAY-2013 on 1st December,(Sunday) at Kailashahar Town Hall,with the help & Co-ordination from, Information & Cultural Affairs & Kailashahar Press Club.There was Well arrangemenet & facilitation from every nook & Corner.

Observation of the Day: The day was observed with felicitation of Special Guest on the dias & Inaugural song. Then,Special lectures was delivered by the Various Officials from various Departments.They focussed on the prevalance of HIV/AIDS at the district,state,Country & World,activities by the DAPCU & SACS.Thus,lectures was delivered by the Officials on the dias.

Secondly,Scientific & Technical sesions was delivered by the Medical Officers .They highlighted how HIV replicates,spreads,prevents ,Sign,Symbol &  Pre-caution of the disease.Then they also highligheted various measures of the treatment.

Then there was a Quiz Competition arranged by DAPCU on basics of HIV, through which awareness can be generated. Quiz participant was awarded with a Small Gift.

Then there was ART Competition at Sishu Vidya Bhavan, Gouranagar, Near by DAPCU Office Arranged by DAPCU on 30th November on the eve of “WORLD AIDS DAY”. 40 Students participated in the ART Competition. The ART Competition was arranged by DAPCU & Certificates were given to participants. Every participant was awarded with a Certificate and 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize winner in ART Competition was also given prizes.

At last there was a Drama on HIV/AIDS performed by a drama group.The drama theme was on spreading & threating scenario of HIV/AIDS.

Uniqueness in the Programme:  There was a Scientific Session in the Programme, through which HIV replication, prevention of HIV/AIDS & general messages was given to the participants.

There was also a Quiz Completion, through which General Messages on HIV/AIDS like, Full form of HIV & AIDS, High Risk & low risk factors, Full form of NACO & its Symbol, STI & location of the facility centres was conveyed to the masses.

Everyone was encouraged in the programme, as they were given Certificates.They were called  in front of microphone so that masses can be encouraged in the programme & awareness can be generated.

Besides, that there was an ART Competition arranged by DAPCU on the eve of WORLD AIDS DAY, so that they can be encouraged.  So, that was the strategy adopted by DAPCU & all Govt, Non-Govt, various associations was invited in the programme.

At last Drama Presented by a Drama group was excellent as it was on Spreading of HIV/AIDS & prevention.

Particiapnts was awarded with Certificates duly signed by the authorities, so that masses can be encourage to participate in such programmes.

There was almost 300 to 350 Participants in the Programme.

Challenges & Overcoming the Challenges: Did not face any challenges as the programme was arranged with the collaboration of CMO Cum DACO, Information & Cultural Affairs Department, Kailashahar Press Club, other line Departments including health functionaries.The Programme was organized successfully & the Programme was covered by Media.

        Group Picture during World Aids Day

Picture during Quiz Competition

ART Competition on the Eve of World AIDS Day

Drama on HIV/AIDS

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